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Sample 1:

Scan of Egyptian chess piece (Anubis) performed on SOL in near-mode. 4 scan passes were made of the piece, two in an upright position and two lying down on the turn-table in different orientations.

Sample 2:

Scan of a small Chinese dragon performed on SOL in close-up mode. 3 scan passes were made of the piece, one upright, and two with it lying down, front and back.

Sample 3:

Scan of a decorative shoe performed on SOL in oversize mode. 2 scan passes were made of the piece, one upright and on on its side. This scan was testing simple solutions to address dark objects (the sole and heel) that don't scan well without assistance. In this scan, blonde, dry-spray shampoo was applied to the black parts of the object. We have had similar results using Gold Bond talcum spray powder as well.

Sample 4:

Scan of a decorative curtain rod finial (end-piece). The other end-piece was damaged during a move and a suitable replacement was not able to found. Scanning this became the easiest path to repair. This scan was performed in oversize mode with two passes, one upright and one on its side.

Sample 5:

Scan of ceramic flowers momento. 3 scan passes were made of this piece, one upright and two on its side with different sides pointing up.

Sample 6:

Scan of a Buddha statue. A single scan pass was made in oversize mode. This sample was added as part of our Youtube video series on the SOL Viewer.