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SOL 3D Scanner

Best plug and play 3D scanner

€699 (VAT exc.)

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Precise, Affordable and User-Friendly

€699 (VAT exc.)

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SOL, the Market’s Most User-Friendly 3D Scanner for small and mid-size objects

Best plug-and-play 3d scanner

The SOL 3D scanner is designed for small to mid-size objects. It’s the only scanner on the market that empowers one-touch simplicity, intuitive software and delivers impressive scans. The whole process is automated, just one click and the process starts:
1. Calibrate - 2. Scan - 3. Mesh. Of course this process takes time, approximately 25 minutes. Meanwhile, just sit-back and enjoy the system working for you and expect great results, ready to be saved or shared with others. That’s why SOL is voted as best scanner – and it all comes for a great price.

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SOL users


Engineers - Crafters – Designers – Inventors. Share your creations online or reproduce your designs…

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Collectors - Artists - Creators. Share and manage your collections…

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Technical Schools – STEM/STEAM - Science Labs. Get hands-on experience in the world of 3D...

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Designers – Businesses – Start-ups. Show your inventions to the world…

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Use Cases


Creating an accurate 3D model of a complex object can be difficult.  SOL helps jump-start your modeling by giving you accurately sized replica objects.  Then, these can then be incorporate into your project, or used as a reference object.

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Reproducing an object can be time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone.  The SOL 3D scanner and software allows you to create a replica of objects easily.  Using your preferred printing software, easily scale your scans up or down.

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In the past, sharing a 3D representation of something has been challenging. The SOL 3D scanner and software make this easy.

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