Scan Dimension


Scan a Gourd? You Betchya!

Scan a Gourd? You Betchya! For this project, the inspiration came from a gorgeous group of gourds huddled together at a farmer’s market. The gourds beckoned, “Look at us!” The variation in color and texture intrigued me, so I paused and thought, “I wonder if I can find one to scan with SOL?”


SOL 3D Scanner - Overview SOL Viewer - Part 3

SOL 3D Scanner - Overview SOL Viewer - Part 3 Once scans are uploaded to P3D from the SOL Viewer, there are easy to use sharing options that allow you to set viewing, download and sharing permissions. In addition you can generate custom links for embedding your scans in online platforms, including e-commerce and social sites. SOL with P3D believes that sharing your 3D models online should be an enjoyable experience. SOL with the complimentary P3D store is simple, real-time and puts you ahead of the competition.