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Quality assurance - Product inspection - Reverse engineering

Oversee your production by 3D scanning your parts to ensure they meet company and industry standards within tolerances.

Workflow: Scan – inspect - export

SOL PRO 3D scanner BenefitsEase-of-use – high precision and accuracy – portable – accurate meshing software


Quality assurance

Ensure your 3D print is a direct copy of your original. Scan the 3D printed object, import your scan file to your CAD software and compare to secure tolerances are met.

Product inspection

Make sure that your manufactured parts comply with industry tolerance standards. Scan the manufactured object and compare with your original.

SOL PRO 3D scanning Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering

Use this approach with old replacement parts, discontinued parts or when you are unable to obtain the original drawings.


Typical usage for Quality Assurance engineers

The typical workflow for a QA Engineer

  1. Scan the object using the SOL PRO 3D scanner with the included software.
  2. Review your scan in the SOL PRO Viewer.
  3. Export in one of the supported formats: OBJ, STL, XYZ, DAE, and PLY files.
  4. Import your scan into your preferred CAD software to measure or compare to original drawings.


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