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Engineers – Crafters – Designers – Inventors

Workflow: Scan – improve – modify – share – print

SOL Benefits: Ease-of-use  precision – portable - affordable – straight-forward workflow

Duplicate your product

Create multiple copies of your product without risking your original.

Design & Prototyping

Transform the size and material of your design using ready-to-print scans.

SOL 3D Scanner - Scan to Share

Share online

SOL enables you to scan a product and produce an easily-shared representation that can attract attention amid the crowded social sharing feeds.

Common Uses

Makers of all types can find uses for SOL in their creative efforts, but the the most common uses are to recreate an object in a new size or material or use a scan of an existing object to “tweak” it or as a reference item for a new 3D model.  These two workflows are referred to as:

Sample Scans, Projects, & Reviews:

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