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Workflow: Scan – improve – modify – share – print

Benefits of Scan Dimension 3D scanners: Ease-of-use  precision – portable - affordable – straight-forward workflow

Duplicate your product

Create multiple copies of your product without risking your original.

Design & Prototyping

Transform the size and material of your design using ready-to-print scans.

SOL 3D Scanner - Scan to Share

Share online

A 3D scanner enables you to scan a product and produce an easily-shared representation that can attract attention amid the crowded social sharing feeds.

Common Uses

Makers of all types can find uses for a 3D scanner in their creative efforts, but the the most common uses are to recreate an object in a new size or material or use a scan of an existing object to “tweak” it or as a reference item for a new 3D model.  These two workflows are referred to as:

Sample Scans, Projects, & Reviews:

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