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 Collectors - Artists - Creators

Share and manage your collections/creations to make a 3D directory for your web site/blog or to share with other passionate collectors. Reproduce your creation without jeopardizing the original piece.

Workflow: Scan – improve – modify – share – print

Benefits of Scan Dimension 3D scanners: Ease-of-use -precision – portable - affordable – straight-forward workflow


Manage your collections

Manage your collections by making them available in a 3D catalogue for the benefit of other collectors or even as documentation for insurance purposes. 

Reproduce your creations

Reproduce your valuable originals to create a risk-free copy for showing, sharing or travels.

Scale & Size

Reproduce your unique board game figurines or change the original size for a different purposes.

Common uses

A 3D scanner is a great tool for hobbyists of all kinds. The most common uses are:

Some sample projects & reviews:

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