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What is Scan Dimension

Scan Dimension is a division of the worldwide market leading scanning heavyweight, Global Scanning, a Denmark-based technology company with 30 years of experience in the image-capturing sector. Global Scanning markets Contex and Colortrac, the two top brands in the 2D large format scanning market. More information is available at

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At Scan Dimension® we strive to improve the workflows of our users and believe that whenever the scanners and software can do the hard work – they should.

That’s why you and other users are in focus when we develop products. We also love to take your input when it comes to product updates. We update our software regularly and base new changes on input from users.

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Who is it for?

 “Dimension® develops and manufactures leading edge solutions, enabling high-precision 3D capture across a variety of industries including hobbyists, manufacturers, construction, engineering, makers – and you.

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