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SOL 3D scanner reviews for 2020

SOL 3D scanner reviews for 2020

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The SOL 3D scanner has been reviewed in the media as one of the best scanners within its price range and for delivering excellent scans

A lot of reviews of the SOL 3D scanner has been made when it first hit the shelves in 2019. Now the SOL 3D scanner gets recognition because of its ease of use and value for money compared to other 3D scanners in the same price range. Still in 2020 it is seen as one of the most promising 3D scanners.

If you don’t just want to rely on what we write then check out how others have reviewed the SOL 3D scanner.

Leading 3D print magazine reviews SOL: Amongst best scanners in 2020

In All3DP’s spring update of their 2020 forecast of the 3D scanner market they mention the SOL 3D scanner as one of the seven best 3D scanners below $1000.

 “The Scan Dimension SOL was created to be precise, portable, easy to use, and affordable. It’s geared towards hobbyists, everyday makers, and entrepreneurs,” All3DP writes and continues:

“It can handle a variety of applications, from replacing or matching broken parts to replicating unique items. It scans both the geometries of objects and their texture.”

All3DP is the leading 3D printing magazine and aims at both beginners and professionals.

C|NET highlights the ease of use in their SOL review

SOL is the best 3D scanner for easy replicas according to C|NET. They have found the best products within the 3D field for beginners and budget creators and have given the SOL 3D scanner a great review.

“… the accuracy is impressive, the turntable spins itself automatically, and even the color accuracy of your scan is going to be spot on,” C|NET writes.

Scan Dimension named IDC Innovator for 2020

Scan Dimension has been named IDC Innovator for 2020. IDC stands for International Data Corporatoin – a company that provides global market intelligence for the IT and consumer technology markets.

According to IDC Scan Dimension and the SOL scanner is believed to be one in four companies to have largest impact on the 3D scanning market in 2020.

“We expect they will play a key role in expanding both the market and the capabilities of [3D scanners],” says Max Pepper, research analyst at IDC in their review of SOL.

IDC also writes: “Scan Dimension provides one of the most user-friendly and affordable 3D scanners available, which has helped to open the market to educators, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and makers.”.